About Me

It’s funny how I could write a novella on ‘why coffee is the best thing that could ever hit your tastebuds’ with both eyes closed, but when it comes to writing about myself, my chatterbox brain goes on mute (for once).

I’ve classified myself as a writer ever since my 6th grade English teacher took me aside on the last day of school before we all dispersed for the long-awaited summer break and said to me “you have a knack for writing that none of your classmates have. You should really consider writing for the school newspaper.”

Of course, she was new to my school and didn’t know that a) we didn’t have a school newspaper and b) I was actually moving to another school that called anyone who didn’t live for the sciences a Loser.

But, she was right. Writing became my lifeline when I was down, my escape when I was stuck, and my home when I was perpetually lost. And now, I share this writing with you.

Read it with a cup of coffee, a smile, and a pinch of salt for luck.


Lara x