Woman ‘In the City’: Finding Yourself in a Sea of Strangers

It’s easy to struggle and panic and cry and slam doors on your way to finding out exactly who you are. It’s also encouraged.


Sobriety In the City: In a Place Fueled by Alcohol, What Do You Run On?

It only takes a few months of being a 21+ adult in Dubai to realise that the answer to the standard end-of-the-week small talk question: “Any exciting plans this weekend?” is a tediously repetitive one: “Drinking.” While this is also standard behaviour in nearly every other city from London to Lisbon and beyond (who wouldn’t…

Home In the City: A place, a Person or an Illusion?

Defining ‘home’ is a much harder job than, say, changing a flat tire. For the flat tire, you know exactly what to do: loosen the lug nuts, lift the car off the ground, remove flat tire, and place the spare one. Et Voila, you’ve got yourself a brand new tire. But does knowing the fundamentals…