[Drunken Werewolf] Top 10 Songs that Prove 2016 is the Best Year for New Music

Innovation, collaboration and constant experimenting are the reasons behind the creation of genres from rock ‘n’ roll to r’n’b. This year, artists and bands around the world seem to be on the brink of something new. Music is taking a turn towards empowerment, enlightenment and global critiquing to present a sound that is well and truly new to our ears.

If you’ve grown tired of your Spotify playlists and overplayed anthems, below we present to you the top 10 songs that prove 2016 is the best year for new music.

Radiohead – Daydreaming

A year that features a new Radiohead album is a year with high prospects of worthy musical deliverance, and the 2nd single from the band’s 9th album A Moon Shaped Poolis living proof of that. Featuring a balanced concoction of Radiohead’s signature sound and an ambient melody fitting the song title, “Daydreaming” is the perfect balance between old and new.

Mitski – Happy

Electronic tunes chime in with alternative and a touch of jazz to present this exceptional single from Mitski’s album Puberty 2, released earlier this month. Happy exposes a unique direction that may very well turn into a genre of its own.

Coldplay Ft. Beyonce – Hymn For the Weekend

2016 has carved its name and proven itself as the year of powerful collaborations. Setting aside any opinions or preconceptions about Coldplay and Beyonce, there is no denying that “Hymn for the Weekend” has broken the barriers between genres.

Ray Lamontagne – Hey, No Pressure

Speaking of collaborations, Ray Lamontagne and My Morning Jacket’s frontman Jim James have joined talents to bring us joy in the form of Ouroboros, released earlier this year. James’ electric guitar licks and backup vocals bring an all-American Black Keys-esque vibe to Lamontagne’s breathy, poetic lyrics. Hello there, new favourite collaboration of all time.

Radiohead – Burn the Witch

Radiohead makes an appearance twice on this list, but this time it’s for the video’s visual brilliance. “Burn the Witch”’s animated music video offers an unnerving, political commentary in the form of an evocative stop motion animation imminent of 60s cartoons. The resonance of the lyrics’ urging to “shoot the messenger” and the visuals presented with to the current global political state shows that 2016 will not be the year when music’s relevance to contemporary affairs stops.

The Strokes – Threat of Joy

The Strokes have restored our faith in decent summer tunes with this one. Featured on the band’s new EP Future, Present, Past, which was released on the 3rd June, Threat of Joy shows that there’s still hope for sunny songs even in this ever-lasting rainy weather.

Matt Corby – Monday

This year has witnessed Australian rising star Matt Corby finally break free from his self-doubt, and fully embrace his plethora of talents in his latest album Telluric. The first single off the album was released through a minimalistic music video, which shows Corby’s one-man process to create the holistic melodies of Monday. With a voice this powerful, who needs instruments?

James Blake ft. Bon Iver – I Need a Forest Fire

What happens when ghostly gospel meets haunting vocals? A combustion of holy harmonies comes to life, thanks to Englishman James Blake and Wisconsin-native Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. The loud whoops overlapped with soft whispers from the two musicians transcend a sense of an inner feud between a man and himself. Coupled with the meeting of gospel and subtle electronic beats on loop, the song travels over to a higher level of genre-fluidity.

Hinds – And I Will Send Your Flowers Back

Madrid-based quartet Hinds offer an outburst of vocals laced with frustration and a little bit of cynicism wrapped up in a subtle Spanish accent. “And I Will Send Your Flowers Back” is a contradiction of salty and sweet, with a gradual increase in vocal angst overlain over a looping soft melodic guitar chords. It’s the type of song that invites you to light up that last cigarette and surrender for the day.

King Charles – Choke

King Charles is alliteration royalty, and “Choke” is the living proof of that. The song is a fired up, urgent question with no answer. Everything from vocals to lyrics to drum beat are sprinting for a truth that is only answered with an abrupt, haunting ending. Unsurprisingly, expect your foot to get tapping.

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