“Once You Go Black”… 10 Ways to Add Black Accents to Your Bedroom (Without Going Goth) 

(Published at Clicksco)

If there were one colour that could be crowned king of the colour wheel jungle, it would, hands down, be black. From the little black dress to the black tuxedo, this colour is an ultimate contender that never goes out of style- so it’s no surprise we want to bring it into our homes!

While black does withstand the test of time, too much of it does add the risk of your bedroom ending up looking like Dracula’s abode. So, how do you add accents of black to your home without going a little overboard? Read on to get some ideas:

1- Bedside Tables – For a chic touch


Ditch the run of the mill wooden bedside tables for ones with a little more ‘oomph’ to them. These ones from French Bedroom Company are a gorgeous mix of matte black and luxurious gold, adding in a touch of darkness to your nighttime routine without overwhelming the room. 

2- Fluffy Rug – For more dimensions


My mother always said a room without a rug is like a tree without leaves. What that actually means, I’m not too sure, but what I do know is that a black rug like this one from Benuta is a great way to add a touch of black to your bedroom. 

You could even opt for a faux black cowhide rug to give your room a little more exotic touch!

3- Bed – For a statement centrepiece

Hands down the centrepiece of the bedroom (it’s even in the name), the bed you choose will completely alter the colour scheme of your room. Everything from the height of this bed from Time4sleep to its material would give your bedroom the touch of black it needs without being too overbearing with the rest of the furniture you choose. 

4- Ceiling Lights – For an alternative sparkle


If you want to play it up a little, these cool ceiling lights from John Lewis add an awesome touch of model black to your ceiling, and give your bedroom an industrial look too! I personally love the way they unevenly hang down from the ceiling, making it look almost haphazard.

5- Double Curtains – For a luxurious look


Not only would a black curtain give your bedroom a grand, elegant look, it would also completely block out any light coming from outside for a truly undisturbed lie in every weekend.

These curtains from House of Fraser look like flowing black lava, which would undoubtedly make your room look more luxurious than ever.

Of course, you could always reverse the scales and go for a black wall instead. Dark walls are known to add depth to any room, so if you’re feeling adventurous enough, why not pop over to the paint store and have a DIY day? 

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